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ShepUp is dedicated to help our athletes not only on the field or court, but in real life. We have started ShepUp Men of Honor & ShepUp Girl Chat to create a safe space for young men & women to learn more about themselves, develop confidence, build friendships, and become well rounded individuals. Our ultimate goal is to not only change lives, but generations.

Our Mentorship Program Includes:

ShepUp Men of Honor: This program is designed for boys ages 9-14. Boys will have fun identifying social-emotional messages, experiences, attitudes, and smart options for growing up male in our culture. Competition, bullying, recognizing and expressing emotions, male and female role expectations, self confidence, and teamwork are highlighted through games and team challenges. Boys develop vocabulary and skills to expect and enact fairness, healthy competition, and respect for self and others.

Week 1: All About ShepUp Men of Honor

Week 2: Lets Connect

Week 3: Healthy Competition Pt. 1

Week 4: Healthy Competition Pt. 2

Week 5: Anti-Bully

Week 6: Boys & Our Emotions Pt. 1

Week 7: Boys & Our Emotions Pt. 2

Week 8: Unspoken Rules

Week 9: Gender Roles & Expectations

Week 10: Staying Connected

ShepUp Girl Chat: This program is designed for girls ages 9-14. Our mission is to promote resiliency in young girls and show them that now matter what you go through in life, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. We want to encourage girls to be confident, self aware, and emotionally in touch with their true feelings.

Week 1: All About ShepUp Girl Chat

Week 2: Celebrating Individuality

Week 3: Being A Girl

Week 4: Friendships

Week 5: Relationships

Week 6: Family & Conflict

Week 7: Positive Self Talk

Week 8: Self-Esteem

Week 9: A Healthy Me

Week 10: Staying Connected 

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