Our Services


Fitness Consultation

Need some guidance in dieting? Not recovering correctly or at all? We can help with a fitness consulting session where you will sit down and talk about your goals in fitness. From there we will make a personalized macronutrients guideline for your goal along with the supplement(s) that may help. In the process we will explain what everything means while answering any questions you may have on the way. To Schedule a 30 minute consult Click Here!


Personal Training

One on one training designed to help you achieve your fitness or athletic goals. Personal training is for adults and youth. For more information and scheduling Click Here.


Group Classes

We currently offer four group classes:

1.Footwork Friday: 5:30pm All ages. Class with JaCorey Shepherd and James Tune Harden that teaches athletes how to move lateral and multidirectional to improve performance. For registration Click Here!

2. Youth Total Performance: Monday 4-5pm (Ages 6-11), Saturday 10-11am (Ages 12-15). It is designed for the young athletes to develop coordination, speed & agility, proper technique, and movement awareness. Training is made to be fun and engaging, but also to help establish a foundation for next level athleticism. For registration Click Here!



We offer four youth speed and agility camps per year. These camps are three days full of training and fun. For camp schedule Click Here!


Body Activation

Body Activation includes a Basic Reset that consists of a series of breathing and wake up drills that reset the nervous system.  By resetting the nervous system your muscles will be allowed to function correctly and fire in the proper sequence.  With this service as well as the other services provided, our clients will also be taught the proper techniques for belly breathing. Belly breathing is the key function the resetting and hold a strong nervous system. For more information and scheduling Click Here​.


Team Training

Speed & Agility or Total Performance Center Team Training available through JaCorey Shepherd. Reach out to JaCorey.Shepherd@shepup.com for more information.


Personal Growth Coaching

Personal Growth Coaching helps clients (adults & youth) better manage emotions, challenges, negative thinking patterns, improve relationship skills and reduce stress and anxiety.  

Let's Work Together

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to JaCorey.Shepherd@shepup.com