Welcome to the ShepUp Family

ShepUp was created by former NFL player JaCorey Shepherd. His goal for ShepUp is to help train the mind and body, especially young athletes. ShepUp programs are designed to provide unique training that help you meet your fitness goals, while also minimizing the wear and tear on your body.

About JaCorey Shepherd

Owner/Head Trainer

Born and raised in Texas, JaCorey Shepherd graduated from Mesquite Horn High School. He went on to play football at the University of Kansas, graduating with a B.A. in Management and Leadership with a minor in Entrepreneurship. In 2015, JaCorey was drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles. Throughout his career in the NFL, he also played with San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Transitioning into training, JaCorey wants his clients to understand the importance of proper technique and control. Each client will have different needs therefore, each client will have their own plan to help accomplish their fitness goals.

Are you ready to ShepUp with a professional that can take you to the next level?

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About DeVante Davis

Adult & Youth Fitness Trainer

Born and raised in the Dallas area.


As a life coach, Devante continues to use his athletic background and education in physical fitness to help working adults and the next generation of athletes reach their personal goals.


A former Division 1A athlete that has also competed on the Div. 1AA and NJCAA levels.

About Jordan Brock Strain

Group Fitness Instructor/Body Activation

Jordan was born and raised in Oklahoma. She has a passion for helping people.


Jordan is RPR certified, a Group fitness instructor, and has a background in Educational Leadership. Jordan's mission is to make a positive impact on everyone she meets and through Body Activation help clients of all ages cut back on injuries and change their quality of life.

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About Racquel Primas

Life Skills Coach

Born and raised in San Diego, California. Currently in her last semester of the M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Texas Tech University Health Science Center, and interning at Rockwall Counseling & Wellness. 


Racquel’s passion for helping others to reach their full potential has always shined bright. Life skills coaching allows her to build relationships with clients, while helping them to better manage emotions, challenges, negative thinking patterns, improve relationship skills, and reduce stress and anxiety.